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Hi, Sarah Scrolls is a Latinx Woman-owned and run business Est. in 2020. We are a used book store doing the digging and finding the lost reads and collectibles for you. Did you know that an estimated 640,000 tons of books are sent to landfills annually? Here at Sarah Scrolls, our goal is to help reduce that number by giving books a longer life span. Established in 2020 and serving So. Cal, we are a Woman-owned and run business. We want to educate and encourage people to sell, donate, and even buy second-hand. The majority of people throw out items that could still be put to good use in someone else’s hands or home. We understand with not all items in life can be bought used or are hard to come by, that's no matter. We just want to encourage everyone that finds they no longer need an item in life to not just throw it away, but pass it on. We are also currently working on expanding. Not only will we continue to upkeep our used book stock but we also hope to soon bring in new lines of online kindle books, notebooks, journals, and much more. Follow us on Instagram @sarahscrolls to stay updated.

Pass The Book!

I have some quick and simple questions for you. Those books probably sitting on your shelves collecting dust are they for decoration? If so, they're collectibles or coffee table books we totally get that. But if not, then why are they sitting there taking up space? We all know you've read them, probably never going to open them again. Maybe they were just for school and education. The kids grew out of them and no longer read them. There could've been a time you were into a series or decided to take that health leap splurging on workout guides and cookbooks, but just as everyone else fell off that bandwagon.

At Sarah Scrolls, our goal is to PASS THE BOOK. Don't let them sit there and collect dust! And definitely don't toss them out!!. We encourage you to give your books a new life by selling or donating them! Even if we can't buy them off you, we'll help you find places that can. We'll even help donate them for you with the many local charities we work with. Next time finish a book, are moving, or doing some spring cleaning don't forget to pass the book! Every book deserves to be enjoyed and shared more than just once.

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